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Fake GED Certificates

Fake GED Certificates

Our fake GED's are made for any state you choose as low as $79.95 plus shipping. We are very diligent about making them look as real as possible. You only need to take a look at our fake GED's to relize how realistic we make them. There is no substitute for good quality and we deliver that every time. We also offer fake score sheets. Our fake score sheets are printed on professional security paper. A fake GED certificate can mean the world to a person that for one reason or another could not finish high school or get a high school equivalency. We have been in business since 2002 so rest assured you will be happy you chose diplomasandmore.com for your fake document needs. Starting at $79.95

Fake Diplomas, Fake  Sealed Transcript Envelope

Fake Sealed Transcript Envelope

Our Fake Sealed Transcript Envelopes are printed on a standard #10 envelope. You can choose school you want on it. Yours will have your school logo on it.

Fake Diplomas, Fake  Automotive Mechanic Certificate

Fake ASE Automotive Certificates

Our Fake Automotive certificates will have your Name, date and courses you want on it. You can alsochoose the type of certificate such as Auto Technician, Master Auto Technician, orMedium/Heavy Truck Technician.
You may also choose to get a regular certificate or Recertified Certificate. You will need to put these in the additional info box when filling out the form.

Fake High School Diplomas

Fake diplomas such as our fake high school diplomas are very much sought after by people looking for a fake diploma or novelty high school diploma or fake high school transcripts. This is a chance for you to obtain that diploma that you always wanted to have in order to fool your friends or peers, or just to feel better about yourself.

Fake Diplomas, Fake College Diploma

Fake College Diplomas

Our fake college diplomas or university degrees are available in all degree types, like Associate's, Bachelor's, Masters and Doctorate and in almost all majors with the exception of medical or law degrees. You can choose the school, degree, major and date of graduation. You may also want to add our fake college transcripts to your order. Our transcripts come on professional security paper. We choose the classes specific for your chosen degree and major, the same as most college or universities use.

Our Fake Skill Certificates as seen below:

We offer just about any type of skill ot occupational certificate such as, Fake massage therapy, fake personal trainer, fake cosmetology, fake automotive, fake paralegal, fake culinary, fake bartender certificate, fake barber and fake welding certificates. We also do custome fake certificates, just email us what you want and we will give you a quote on custom making one for you. One of these fake skill certificates would be an excellent way to show off those life learned skills or your occupational skills that you have learned, but don't have a certificate to show for it.

Fake Diplomas, Fake Personal Trainer Certificate

Fake Personal Trainer Certificate

Our personal trainer certificates are available in white or bone color paper. You can choose the school, and date of graduation.

Fake Diplomas, Fake Massage Therapy Certificate

Fake Massage Therapy Certificates

Our fake massage therapy certificates are available in bone or white paper. You choose the school and date of graduation.

Fake Diplomas, Fake Cosmetology Certificates

Fake Cosmetology Certificate

Our Fake Cosmetology certificates are available in white or bone color paper. You can choose the school and date of graduation.



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